Nora’s arrival

Nora took her time coming into the world but man was it worth the wait! Megan labored and was sent home from the hospital even with all the symptoms of birthing a baby. Nora just wouldn’t “drop” and turns out that she was not only a big baby ( 9 lbs 10 oz ) but she had other complications that made a c-section the best and safest option. Going from a natural birth to a c-section was a big switch for Megan and Chris but like everything they took it in stride and with a heavy dose of faith and confidence in their decision. When Nora was born she had issues with her blood sugar levels which meant an extended stay in the NICU hence the IV and monitors in her pictures. None the less I still got to spend some sweet time with her and Chris while Megan rested. These pictures are when she’s only a few hours old.

She is pure butter, absolutely gorgeous, I could hardly handle just taking pictures of her and luckily I got a few cuddles in when I was done :).


Nora-2-2Nora-12Nora-10 Nora Nora-2 Nora-3 Nora-4 Nora-5 Nora-6 Nora-7 Nora-8 Nora-9

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