Zane and Caryn | Proposal in Laguna

My little brother is getting married to an amazing girl! I’m so happy for him and Caryn and can’t for their official wedding day. Caryn already feels like part of the family and I could not ask for a better match for my brother. She is smart, funny, kind, generous and continually thoughtful. I feel like they do a great job of balancing each others personalities and passions which is such an amazing “base” for a long lasting love.

When my brother asked me to take pictures of him proposing I was so excited! He had it all planned out and even had his friend Matt come and guide me to the spot plus help set up. I hid in the bushes and got some farther away shots during the actual proposal which luckily worked and Caryn was totally surprised!

Here are some of my favorites from that special day!

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2 Responses to Zane and Caryn | Proposal in Laguna

  1. Hoolay says:

    Love the b&w of them laying down looking at eachother nose to nose! gorgeous!

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