Dogero Family //\\//\\//\\ just a few //\\//\\//\\

After having a tour of their new home and watching Gia sneak her Mommy’s lipstick (which yes a I got a picture of 🙂 we headed to Oak Glenn which might as well be called a “little slice of heaven once you ditch the crowds.” It was gorgeous, trees changing colors, giant rocks to climb on and little places to adventure, it made the perfect spot for playing and picture taking. It’s been 2 years since I’ve taken their pictures officially and since they’re family I get to take pictures of them though out the year but this was really fun to take a few hours out of the day and capture a little bit of the amazingness that is the Dogero’s. Not only are they a absolutely beautiful family but Luke, Bella and Gia are so well behaved it was such a joy to hangout with them.

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One Response to Dogero Family //\\//\\//\\ just a few //\\//\\//\\

  1. Grama Glo says:

    Tears came to my eyes while looking at these. You captured the essence of each of them.

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