McKenna 1 year around the sun

I’ve gotten to watch this sweet girl grow from day one, literally (well almost). I have the joy of calling her mother a great friend and one of my favorite people.  We were pregnant at the same time, what a treat besides all the morning/all day sickness :)! I had a adorable boy and she had this beautiful little girl. When Mckenna was born I desperately wanted to do a newborn shoot of her but I had my son Elias a few days after Kenna was born and with all of that madness it took a whole year for me to get this pretty little lady in front of the camera.


You are a joy to be around. You light up the world with your smile and already enjoy the small things in life (like your bunny and string cheese!). I’m excited to watch you grow and learn. 

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One Response to McKenna 1 year around the sun

  1. Grama Glo says:

    You are amazing Mariah!

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