Abigail ~ 8 days young ~

Baby Abigail has joined one of my favorite families! Vanessa has been a good friend of mine for the last 13 years and I’ve gotten the joy of watching her meet and marry the man of her dreams (Justin) and have 2 precious little ones. Abigail was so mellow and even let me lay her on her great grandmothers tea table! I love using props that actually have meaning and bring in one more element of interest. Abigail is so beautiful and already nice and chubby with a slight double chin and all!

Big brother Jackson didn’t need much convincing to be in the pictures and was such a great listener, he even gave me a few smiles and the sweetest part of the shoot was when he sat on the wall to wave goodbye to me.

Congratulations Justin, Vanessa and Jack!!

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One Response to Abigail ~ 8 days young ~

  1. Hoolay says:

    I am in love with Abby in Justin’s work boot!!! and the one with Jack and Abby both in fireman gear. Also love the little cozy you made that she is in, in the 1st shot.

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