Isaac 3.5

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures of my boys on this blog. Isaac is getting so big! I told him I wanted to take some pictures of him, which he has a “love, not so loving” relationship with. 99% of the pictures I take of his are candid, with no prep or asking. I let him know that there would be a treat waiting for him after a few pictures which totally sweetened the deal.

I asked him to pick a place to take the pictures and to pick out his outfit. It was a risky move to let him pick what he wore because he has been in a strict “cozy clothes” only phase but I wanted these to be fun, and him right now at 3.5.

I love this kid, and I think he has the sweetest eyes ever!

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2 Responses to Isaac 3.5

  1. carrie martin says:

    happy 3.5 iz! love you and miss you. i so wish i could see you get big everyday 🙂

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