Yoon Family

It was such an honor to be able to photograph the Yoon family. When Hanna contacted me for this family session I knew it would be extra special since her grandfather is 98 years old. He was great and even gave me a few smiles. Taking pictures that are special to a family for years to come makes me love my job even more! Thank you Yoon family, I hope you love these.

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2 Responses to Yoon Family

  1. Hanna says:

    I love it! Especially the ones of my grandpa, my parents and jinju. Thank you so much Mariah! I’ll def want to engage you again when my brother comes and visits. And my mom wants to do one with her sisters and my grandma as well. Hopefully you will be available in December? I know you are going to be pretty busy with the baby…

  2. I’m so glad you love them, there are a lot more. I would love to take more pictures of your family. I’m taking 6 weeks off but then I’m up for any sessions you want to schedule. 🙂

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