The adorable headband is created by Lu Bird Baby

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4 Responses to Karis

  1. jessica says:

    No words! I cannot pick a favorite. Bravo!

  2. wendy wilson says:

    I love them… the Vespa pictures are so awesome. I cannot pick a favorite… too hard. You rock my world Pye!

  3. Hoolay says:

    Ok – I will be honest and say that the pic of her alone on the vespa made me nervous…thought the photo was going to come alive and she was going to roll right off 🙂

    These are once again – AMAZING and EXCEPTIONAL photos Mariah. You continue to rock my world.

  4. Ann (Grandmommy) Wilson says:

    You are amazing! These are adorable. My favorite is the one on the white fluffy blanket?
    How did you get her on her haunches smiling?!? You are awesome! Love your presentations. Thanks Mariah.

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