Happy Birthday Karis

Dave and Wendy (my dear friends that I’ve known for the past 14 years) just had their first baby! A beautiful baby girl was brought into the world 8 days ago and I’m so honored to have been there for the miracle. I luckily got there in time for the last two and a half hours of Wendy’s labor, things moved very fast especially for a first baby. Helping and encouraging my friend was my first priority and taking pictures for them was a distant second. I hope you enjoy the shots that I did get. Wendy was strong and focused going through labor without assistance of any interventions, she was amazing. Dave was her rock that helped her through the contractions, their love for each other was very evident.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Karis

  1. sarah says:

    oh my gosh, that first picture of David is incredible. I am so glad for Wendy that you got that picture.

    And HELLO Karis is GORGEOUS!!!!! You make me really want to have another baby so I can have all of these precious first moments so beautifully documented. What a gift mariah!!

  2. Hoolay says:

    These are so great Mariah. It’s like reliving that whole amazing day! You captured so many special moments.

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