The Souther Twins In Lu Bird Baby

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine (Jessica, the twins amazing mother) recommended me to Kristen, creator of Lu Bird Baby to help update her etsy shop. I was excited that she asked me to help her out and of course excited to take pictures of my favorite twin boys. Just when I thought these guys couldn’t get any cuter we stuck them in some of Lu Bird Baby onesies and well, you decide for yourself! They look like little men!!

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6 Responses to The Souther Twins In Lu Bird Baby

  1. Jessica Souther says:

    I love these! Thanks Mariah!

  2. Julie Snell says:

    I’ve seen her stuff through Sarah’s blog. Super cute! Great pics Pye!

  3. Julie – Does Sarah have a link to her on her blog? I didn’t know they were friends until Sarah commented on my facebook page. Small world!

    Jess – Anytime you’ll let me take pictures of your kids I’m there! Plus I get to see you! πŸ™‚

  4. Jessica Souther says:

    I think that’s how I started following her blog. I found her through Sarah. I’ve done a couple of her tutorials and recipes.

  5. treats says:

    love the onesies and LOVE the pix! you are so talented Pye πŸ™‚

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