If I was in Paris I’d go to see this.

Artist David Hockney is doing something different and it inspires me to think big and try new things. Hockney is 73 and as you can read in his interview he got an iphone about 2 years ago and realized it had great potential for art. It started out as a little treat he would send to his friends (pictures of the flowers by his nightstand) “Fresh Flowers” turned into a full on exhibition that is now on display at the Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation in Paris. The things I find most interesting about this artistic endeavor are 1. He chose flowers that were naturally illuminated (by the sunrise) to paint on an object that illuminates. 2. After the show they will disapear! They don’t really exist, they’re just temporary. It’s a really interesting medium to use and so fitting for this day and age. Check out the link maybe it will inspire you too.

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One Response to If I was in Paris I’d go to see this.

  1. chh says:

    so cool! if i were in Paris id wanna go with you 🙂

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