The Souther twins

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5 Responses to The Souther twins

  1. wendy wilson says:

    These pictures make me so happy… I love seeing these twinners soooo happy and at home together. Makes me think about how close they will be growing up together. I love being a twin and seeing these twins. Great job Pye

  2. carrie says:

    im hiring you to photograph all of my newborn babies.
    pye i think this is where you really shine! you do such a great job with the littles. all the details, and even placement of the babes limbs and stuff is just magical.
    and my gosh, the headphones and records idea is just EPIC. i love love love love times a million it!!!
    you are fantastic!
    love care

  3. sarah says:

    Wow, Mariah, You better up your prices… seriously, you have a gift. I am in love with your pictures! I may just have another baby just so you can photograph it!

  4. Diandra says:

    Thank goodness you’re watermarking these! That record one is too, too, too, too rad. Super amazing bunch, friend.

  5. treats says:

    amazing! these twinner pix are outta control Pye! bravo… i cant even name which ones i liked– all of them are incredible!

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